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Purchasing Management & Services

Evaluation of Purchasing
When did your purchasing last have a health check?
In today’s challenging business world-there are many pressures on business-and all too often purchasing falls down the list of priorities.
So why not let us help and support-we work to your specific brief-you remain totally in control. We work with you not against you!
We will evaluate your current purchasing practice and what is being bought-the specification and cost. This includes service contracts.
Evaluation Report
With your estimated annual spend figure provide a detailed analytical report with recommendations is presented and a potential annual saving-broken down into each supply category-backed up with a line by line comparison. This is also supported by relevant site surveys by prior arrangement.
You decide which recommendations you want to action.
A 12 month agreement would be signed-then-let the savings begin.
We agree a timescale for implementation and arrange all new account forms for you. On site meetings then take place with the suppliers and the relevant departmental heads so as we are agreed on objectives-methodology and order and delivery arrangements. Price lists and codes are issued.
This will state any areas you wish not to be included in our remit.
We will visit from time to time - but essentially support is on line - with frequent communications updating you of market changes, products and price changes.
We will help resolve any issues with suppliers that may arise.
Quotes for Capital items will be arranged on request.
RH Prices
We negotiate locally and nationally on your behalf prices with all suppliers. Quality is vital-and we will not make sacrifices in respect of your specification to better the price-the “Rev Par” equivalent in purchasing is in reality striking the balance between quality/yield and price. This is the definition of best value. By working with our suppliers-you reap the benefit of focused advice and the assurance of continued monitoring to ensure your interests are always looked after.
We do not impose restrictions with suppliers who are free to do what they do best.
Purchasing Management
The cost of delivery is huge now in the UK-and there are benefits in reducing the number of deliveries where possible. This also reduces costs of invoice processing.
We would be pleased to set up order sheets or advise on best practice. Discipline and organisation are key to success. It is vital therefore that relevant management /departmental Heads embrace the philosophy to maximise the benefit.
We would only under exceptional circumstance when there was a financial benefit recommend that existing contracts be terminated. We would let them run their course and then if agreed-our suppliers would kick in at renewal time. There can be hefty penalties in doing otherwise.
Market News & Product Updates
We will keep you regularly updated in respect of what is happening on the market and product information generally.
Annual Review
We will conduct a full review annually and welcome the opportunity of an interim check-to ensure that what should be happening is happening.
The annual review will take into account any changes to your business, the market place and suppliers-and recommendations with any further savings identified will be presented in report form.


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Article | by Dr. Radut