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Here we will give you the feedback of our customers and suppliers. Please enjoy reading the testimonials:
Ecolab Inc.
Ecolab have been in partnership with Riederer Hospitality and enjoy the position of preferred nominated hygiene partner for several years, and it has been a pleasure to watch as John and his team have grown in the market with their unique understanding and offer they provide to the RH clients. Ecolab’s total cost approach of Clean, Safe & Efficient 360˚ of Protection sits nicely with the analytical approach taken by Riederer Hospitality, to demonstrate to clients the true operational cost detail of running the business and not just looking at an invoice price. Pay less use more is not an approach taken by Riederer Hospitality but rather provide their clients with quality products and systems from trusted business partners to provide the lowest in-use operating costs available in today’s challenging market place.
Hygiene & cleanliness are key ingredients for success in the catering and hospitality business today and the partnership of Riederer Hospitality and the products & services provided by Ecolab deliver peace of mind for the end-user client, allowing the business to focus on other key areas within their business, quite simply for Ecolab we are everywhere it matters.
Mike McHardy



Universal Office Products Ltd
We have worked closely with Riederer Hospitality for several years and they have always shown great integrity and demonstrated a high level of professionalism. The team at Riederer is extremely knowledgeable and has a great depth of experience. They are always fair and they are a great organisation that understands the value of developing long standing and mutually beneficial partnerships. The team is headed up by John Riederer who is very personable and always has the customer’s best interests as his main priority. I would have no hesitation is recommending Riederer Hospitality.
Steve Manley
Universal Office Products Ltd


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Article | by Dr. Radut